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Hidden Costs of Senior Services & Housing

A major part of helping your aging parent is to know what senior citizen services are available and how much they cost. Examples would be home health care, senior day care and services available within your parent’s senior living facility. In this talk, we’ll cover the cost and requirements for these services and what you need to know. 

Topics covered:

  • What range of senior citizen services are available to assist my parent if they still live in their home? What services are available If they live in a senior facility?
  • What are the costs of these services? What are the upfront fees? Are there minimum times and costs?
  • How will I know what my parent needs? 
  • How do you find these services and make sure they’re reputable? 
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Caregiving While Keeping Your Job

When a parent ages or becomes ill, the parent and child change roles. The adult child now needs to love and care for their parent.  This is a common dilemma for employees in their 40s, 50s and even 60s. But what if they can’t afford to or don’t want to quit their job? In this presentation, Karen Owen-Lee takes employees through the steps of creating a plan to help the senior relative and not endanger their job. The employee will learn:

  • How to evaluate their loved one's needs.
  • How to get other family members involved by gathering to write a Family Action Plan.
  • How to find and use community senior citizen services to take the pressure off taking time off from their job.
  • How to create an outline of your caregiving plan for your boss.
  • How to manage the emotional upheaval of parenting your parent.
  • How to care for yourself and avoid caregiver’s burnout.
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Caring for Your Aging Parent: 5 Things You Need to Know

Eldercare is unknown territory for most people. Women have an advantage because they are usually the caregiver in the family.  However, raising a child is different than caring for an aging senior.  The type of tasks might be different with each illness. This class covers the fundamentals of caring and keeping your parent safe with the help of outside services or caregiving by you.

The employee will learn:

  • How to obtain the most recent results from the parent’s medical team to determine a diagnosis and prognosis.
  • How to develop a list of duties required with the amount of time that’s necessary to carry it out.
  • How to estimate the expenses against your income and how much leave time you'll need from your job.
  • How to access state and federal programs you’ll need to care for your parent.
  • Contact Karen directly with any questions and how she may help.

The Elephant in The Room

The employee will learn how to have The Difficult Conversation with their parent. 

The Difficult Conversation includes:

· Identifying the issues - health, housing, finances - that the senior doesn't want to talk about with their children.

· How to begin the conversation.

· How to keep the mood of the conversation light and positive.

· How to maintain control of the conversation.

· How to allow silence to let your parent absorb what’s being said.

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