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The Senior Care Specialist in Denver: Corporate, Individual & Family

Corporate Consulting


Human Resource departments have benefitted from Karen’s consulting.

Has your company‘s Executive Team examined the effects of tardiness, absenteeism, limited attention to work details by the employees who are caregivers? Many corporations are familiar with family leave for parents with sick children; however, they may not be aware of the ways that aging parents can affect their employees’ productivity.

In 1997, their $33.6 billion was the lost productivity cost to U.S. businesses due to employees who were caregivers. (MetLife, 1997) Of course, the amount has risen drastically since 1997. Over 19 million workers are estimated to be caregivers for aging loved ones. Six out of 10 workers will have to deal with caregiving in their lifetime. 

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Family Services and Support Groups


How do you help your aging parent?  Start by taking a breath. and consider hiring a family consultant to help you map out a plan.

Karen Owen-Lee, The Senior Care Specialist in Denver, offers group sessions for adult children of aging parents and family members online.  The sessions are for adult children, grandchildren, friends, church members and relatives starting on this journey of caring for aging loved ones and don’t know where to start or turn for help.

The topics are designed to the loved one’s current situation, including:

  • How to get a medical assessment from all professionals involved from the geriatrician to the therapist.
  • How to assess the loved one’s current financial situation
  • Determining what community resources need to be involved, such as home healthcare
  • Determine possible assisted living memory care communities that fit the current situation. 
  • Determine if Medicare, Medicaid or the Veterans Aide and Assistance would be advantageous for the loved one’s financial situation.
  • Review legal, financial and medical paperwork to determine if all necessary documents are in place. 

The process can be difficult. Many seniors do not want to discuss their health and finances, wanting to maintain their privacy and their independence.  Adult children are often stunned by what they discover when they investigate a parent’s finances and living situation.

Difficult conversations about finances can be brainstormed by Karen and the family to determine solutions without insulting the senior while he or she is declared competent by the medical team.

Disjoined family dynamics can also cause conflicts while making decisions for the senior’s care.  Karen offers sound and practical tips for smoothing “ruffled feathers” in the group. 

At the end of the sessions, a written plan – The Ultimate Family Action Plan -  will enable a smooth transition to a new situation for the senior and the family, one where the senior loved one has the care they need, and the family has much-needed information and support. 

To learn more about Karen Owen-Lee’s Ultimate Family Action Plan, contact Karen for an appointment.

Individual and Family Consulting


Talk to Karen to learn how she can help you and your family navigate the confusing and difficult terrain of caring for an aging parent or relative.


Karen helps you and your family answer the difficult questions:

  • What information do we need to gather to get started?
  • Which senior community is right for my aging loved one?
  • What will their insurance cover?
  • If insurance doesn’t cover 100%, are there programs that can assist with the cost?
  • What financial and medical forms do we need to ensure that everything goes smoothly?
  • What services are best to utilize during this time, so I don’t lose my job?
  • What is the process in moving forward?

There is no cookie-cutter approach. Karen offers practical solutions to meet your specific situation and needs, such as how to have the difficult conversation about  assets, including whether to to sell the family home. Karen will also discuss how to handle your stress level during this difficult time.


Quite often, disjointed family dynamics and lack of clear communication can cause conflicts and unneeded stress in making the right choices for your aging loved one’s care.  Karen offers practical advice and expert insights for eliminating miscommunication between family members. Karen is also available to work virtually with family members regardless of where they are located, allowing the entire family to be part of the decision-making process for their loved one.

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Karen Owen-Lee's extensive appearances and Speaking engagements  affirm her title as "The Senior Care Specialist in Denver"