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What is a Senior Care Specialist?

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Karen Owen‐Lee, the Senior Care Specialist, understands the challenges an adult child faces as their parent ages. A gerontologist, best‐selling author, speaker, corporate consultant and individual/family coach, Karen has 30+ years of experience in helping families care for their aging loved ones while keeping their jobs, lives and sanity intact.  

When a parent becomes ill or too frail to live independently, the parent/child roles reverse and the child becomes a caregiver. 

Karen Owen‐Lee works with individuals and families to create a care plan for the parent. Karen designs each solution to meet your specific situation and needs, how to include other family members in the caring process, choosing the correct physician that will discuss all ailments (physical, mental and emotional) and reviewing assets, including those associated with the need to sell a home. Karen will also discuss solutions for how to handle your stress level during this difficult time. 

Housing Options for Seniors


Your elderly mom can’t live by herself anymore. You and your family need to find a safe, comfortable place for her to live and get the care she needs. Where do you start? Call Karen Owen-Lee before you start looking!

Take the stress and confusion out of your search! Karen Owen Lee will put her 30 years of experience at your disposal! 

One of Karen's services is a senior housing referral service for the Denver Metro Area. Karen will find the right housing options that match your specific needs for your loved one, whether it is Assisted Living, Senior Housing, Alzheimer's/Dementia Care (Memory Care Units) or Personal Care Homes (Residential Assisted Living.)

Get started today! Call Karen at 303-875-4466 for an initial complimentary consultation. You’ll discuss: 

· The care needs of your senior - bathing, dressing, ambulation, mental clarity, behavior issues, and more. 

· Monthly income + assets 

· Desirable location in Denver

· Move-in timeline 

2. Karen will go to work for you to find the right community for your loved one. Once you've made your decision, Karen will help you with the negotiations.  

3. Breathe! Your parent is now living in a comfortable, safe community.

Consultant, Speaker, Author: Karen Owen-Lee


In Karen's 30­‐year career, she has become one of the best‐known "Senior Specialists" in the country.  She earned a masters in Geronotology, and the respect of many friends and clients serving those who support others. Her keynote speeches to Fortune 500 companies are serious topics presented with a light‐hearted approach. In addition to serving companies, Karen consults on senior care and senior housing with families, drawing on a wealth of personal and professional experiences. Karen is also a published author. Her most recent release, "Caregiving While Keeping Your Job" is available on Amazon. Welcome, explore, learn, connect on our contact page to receive free information, and follow Karen on Facebook and Twitter. Most importantly, if you  are a caregiver, know you aren't alone.

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