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 Why Create a Family Book of Memories? 

Family Memories

Granny was a WAVE in the United States Naval Reserve, better known under the acronym WAVES for Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service, was the World War II.

She told stories about the most handsome enlisted seamen that walk past her desk.  He would always stop and say, “Hello how is your day going,” or “It such a beautiful day.”

Finally, he asked me to a dance and my heart fluttered; I turn red and said, “Yes.”  “His name was Bud, we married a year later.  That is how I met you grandfather.”

“I still remember the night we went to the dance.”

Why would an adult child want to start documenting their parent’s stories when the young family may have so many other things to do?  Granny’s story relayed above is a perfect reason to start the project and here are some more:

  • As one of my recent customers reported….”When Aunt Betty died, so did all of the family history.  She was the storyteller of the family.”
  • A senior’s family and friends could learn about history through the older generation’s eyes.  Everyone, young or older, has a different prospective on the same event.
  • Learn about a person’s life, the influences, and morals of the time.  What was courting like?  Did they kiss on their first date?
  • Studies have shown the when we participate in reminiscence, we become less depressed, systolic blood pressure declines, and our heart rate is lower significantly, as well as living longer.
  • Some family members after reading the memories will result in making peace over unresolved issues and past conflicts.
  • So… why not?

You might be thinking of every excuse under the sun to delve into your family history.  In spite of your personal arguments, think about the look on your grandchildren’s faces when you read the stories to them.

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