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Aging Parents and the Winter Blues

Have you noticed your senior loved one experiencing periods of being “down in the dumps?” Many Americans suffer from episodes around the winter holidays but for seniors this condition may persist. My father used to suffer every year from the “winter blues” due to the lack of sun […]

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Family Recipe Project

Mom's Recipe

You might be out of ideas for gifts for your parents, “He or she has everything and wants nothing.” This is a gift for everyone in the family and can be handed down for generations.  This is not your boring, run of the mill book that can […]

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Is a Large Assisted Living or Group Home Right for My Parent?

When the time comes that an elder needs a higher level of care than can be safely provided at home, you are faced with choosing an optimal assisted living community or home.  Yes, a variety of sizes are available, you can research for the most comfortable fit […]

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Medication Recalls

Another resource has been brought to my attention! Hannah was kind enough to write: “I just finished browsing through, and I noticed that you provide some great resources for seniors and their loved ones. As someone who helps care for my grandparents, I appreciate you offering […]

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New! Grab Bar With Table

The Able Tray provides a safety handle with attached multi-use table that pivots 360 degrees. It is supported by an ergonomic safety support that fits under easy chairs, couches and lift chairs. This product may be purchased through amazon for around $130. Product description: Ergonomic Safety Handle […]

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10 Exciting Gifts for Seniors Available Via the Internet

~ By Karen Owen-Lee Seniors claim when it comes to gifts, “I have everything I need.” In their minds that might be true, however when their face lights up after they open a hand wrapped gift, it warms your heart. Notice, I said a hand wrapped gift. […]

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“I Am Staying In My Home Until I Die!”

~By Karen Owen-Lee, “The Senior Expert” Now, you are in a pickle! Your aging parent has had a change in their condition and you are worried about them living at home. You bring up the subject of moving to independent/assisted living or memory care facility and they come […]

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You and Your Difficult Aging Parent

sad senior citizen with daughter

  Julie, a client with an aging parent, was in tears. “I just cannot make my mother happy, she says I am awful and do not care about her.” Julie recently moved her mother into her home along with her husband and four children. Her mother had […]

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New Secret! The VA Medical Foster Home Program!

The VA Administration offers a housing option that very few veterans are aware of… the Medical Foster Homes (MFH).  This is an alternative method for vets to receive long-term care or aging in a home-like atmosphere.  Service personnel receive a private room with use of a shared bathroom in a qualified […]

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Helping Others Grieve

Helping others Grieve

Your friend’s aging father just passed away, and you feel like you’re ‘walking on thin ice’ because you do not know what to say or do. Likewise, a diagnosis of lung cancer can foster the same reaction. People grieve in different ways; some want to be alone […]

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New Products for Seniors

Wild Ride for Scooter Travelers Motorcycle enthusiast can hop on this new scooter and watch the heads turn. Here is an advertisement, which may be found at Gold Violin. Expensive yes, loads of fun, yes. Maverick Cruiser – The classic look of a motorcycle cruiser combined with cutting-edge […]

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Free Cell Phone for Seniors

I want to share information about a program I’ve learned about recently that offers free cell phones with free monthly minutes to eligible subscribers. You can qualify if you participate in a government program like Food Stamps, Medicaid, or other income-based program. How Q Link’s Lifeline Program […]

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