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Solutions for Overcoming The Change in Your Loved One’s Health

You may have started this uncomfortable journey with a sense of duty and pride, but now you are exhausted and want to escape. Two years before my mother was diagnosed with brain, lung, bladder and liver cancer, I knew something was terribly wrong. She was a professor […]

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Missed Dreams of Your Aging Parent

We talk about our own dreams, passions and desires, but what about our parents?  What unfulfilled wishes have they had all their lives? As Baby Boomers, we concentrate on ours needs first; soccer games, sleepovers, 12 hour work days, laundry and then Grandma-ma. It has been that […]

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10 Exciting Gifts for Seniors Available Via the Internet

~ By Karen Owen-Lee Seniors claim when it comes to gifts, “I have everything I need.” In their minds that might be true, however when their face lights up after they open a hand wrapped gift, it warms your heart. Notice, I said a hand wrapped gift. […]

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Caregivers MUST Take Care of Themselves

Caregiver and Father

Most often a caregiver will become ill before the patient. Care-giving can be very stressful; the duties might include cleaning, bathing, toileting and dressing of the senior, cooking, running errands and managing medication. Do not despair, there are solutions and support: Seek counseling with a therapist or […]

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“I cannot thank you enough for your time. It feels good to have someone with your education and experience guiding us through this difficult time.”
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