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Solutions for Overcoming The Change in Your Loved One’s Health

You may have started this uncomfortable journey with a sense of duty and pride, but now you are exhausted and want to escape. Two years before my mother was diagnosed with brain, lung, bladder and liver cancer, I knew something was terribly wrong. She was a professor […]

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Medication Recalls

Another resource has been brought to my attention! Hannah was kind enough to write: “I just finished browsing through, and I noticed that you provide some great resources for seniors and their loved ones. As someone who helps care for my grandparents, I appreciate you offering […]

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Missed Dreams of Your Aging Parent

We talk about our own dreams, passions and desires, but what about our parents?  What unfulfilled wishes have they had all their lives? As Baby Boomers, we concentrate on ours needs first; soccer games, sleepovers, 12 hour work days, laundry and then Grandma-ma. It has been that […]

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10 Signs Your Senior Is In Trouble

The majority of aging parents want to stay put or say, “I don’t want anyone in my house.” This is understandable after the many changes they are enduring; they have owned their home nearly 40 years and now their adult child is telling them they have to […]

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10 Difficult Discussions to Have with Your Aging Parents

Many families avoid discussing taboo subjects. When your parents reach their senior years, it is time to break through the barriers of the past. Prior to discussing the following topics. express your appreciation for all they have done for you, like taking you to kindergarten, attending your […]

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5 Health Warning Signs for Seniors

A senior’s health may decline without friends and family noticing. Check for proper nutrition containing fresh produce, daily hygiene consisting of bathing and dressing, active social interactions, correct dosage and administration of medications in addition to overall mental health changes. Daily or weekly monitoring of these areas […]

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Helping Others Grieve

Helping others Grieve

Your friend’s aging father just passed away, and you feel like you’re ‘walking on thin ice’ because you do not know what to say or do. Likewise, a diagnosis of lung cancer can foster the same reaction. People grieve in different ways; some want to be alone […]

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Caregivers MUST Take Care of Themselves

Caregiver and Father

Most often a caregiver will become ill before the patient. Care-giving can be very stressful; the duties might include cleaning, bathing, toileting and dressing of the senior, cooking, running errands and managing medication. Do not despair, there are solutions and support: Seek counseling with a therapist or […]

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How To Help Your Loved One Adjust To New Living Situations

It is often difficult for seniors to adjust to a new housing environment. It may be a move from their house to independent/assisted living or memory care. They fear the loss of independence, status, self-esteem, freedom or social contacts. Here are a few ways you can help […]

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Do You Want Your Parents to Move In With You?

You might consider having your loved one move into your house. Instantly, your life will change, so think about this long and hard. Here are a few pros and cons regarding your decision: Pros: My friend Melanie Thompson had her mother move into her house two years […]

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Adult Children of Aging Parents: Feeling Guilt, Shame, Fear & Anxiety

Take a breath! Your emotions are 100% normal as your role with your loved one changes…now you are the caregiver. An average of 34 million Americans serve as unpaid caregivers for older adults (usually elderly relatives) and spend an average of 21 hours per week helping out, […]

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7 Do’s When Selling the Family Home

Your family has lived in the same home for 40 years and due to planned or unplanned circumstances, the home must be sold. Parents may want to downsize to a patio home or independent living to eliminate the worry of repairing the roof or hiring a gardener […]

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