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Corporate Employees – How to Handle My Aging Parent and a Full-time Job

Karen Owen-Lee is a high-impact speaker with a light hearted approach. Karen shares her insights on a wealth of topics related to Adult Children Caring for Aging Parents. She enjoys delivering her message to adult audiences, particularly corporate and government employees, civic clubs, Baby Boomers.

After a 30-year career, she is one of the most sought after Senior Care Experts in Colorado. Her systematic coaching style guides friends, families and other loved ones through the fear and anxiety of dealing with senior related issues and housing options.


The loss of productivity is immense to corporations. “These costs are substantial,” said AARP New Hampshire State Director Kelly Clark. “The conservative estimate of additional health care costs for US businesses is $13.4 billion per year in absenteeism.”

Consider the additional statistics:

  • 33.6 billion – annual cost of lost productivity to the U.S. economy
  • 126 million – total lost days per year for employees who are also caregivers
  • 19 million – full-time U.S. workers who are also caregivers
  • 75% – percentage of employees forced to change jobs due to caregiving demands
  • 20% – percentage of employees who will quit their jobs to provide care full-time to a senior
  • $66 billion – cost of replacing employees lost to caregiving
  • $6.3 billion – workday interruptions due to caregiving duties
  • $5.1 billion – cost of in absenteeism due to caregiving

As reflected in the above numbers, employees are often emotionally drained, late to work, physically exhausted, missing days, and taking time off for an emergency trip to the hospital to oversee the care of their parent.


Karen’s corporate presentations guide employees under these conditions to use resources and practical tips to increase productivity and profits. Hire her today!


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Adults With Aging Parents


Adults with aging parents avoid educating themselves on how to plan for the future. When a crisis like hospitalization or a declining condition happens, they panic. “Where do I go for help?

Consider why most Boomers should be concerned about the future:

  • 46 is the age of the average caregiver
  • 64% of senior caregivers are employed
  • 85% of caregiving is done at home by adult children
  • 7 million adult children provide caregiving long distance


Karen is available to give presentations addressing the scary concerns family members deal when they are faced with changes in a loved one’s health. Karen encourages all families to have a written plan that includes participation by all involved, e.g. grandchildren, spouses, friends, neighbors.

The following presentations are offered individually or as a series:

  • Plan for Your Senior’s Future NOW!
  • 5 Signs Your Loved One Needs Your Help
  • How to Handle Difficult Conversations with Seniors
  • SUDDENLY…Your Loved One is Unsafe to Live Alone: Where to Turn for Help
  • 6 Steps to Handle a Full-time Job and Caring for Your Loved One


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“I cannot thank you enough for your time. It feels good to have someone with your education and experience guiding us through this difficult time.”
~Melanie Morris,

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