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Marketing Consultation for Personal Care Homes

Marketing Consultation for Personal Care Homes

Are you starting a new personal care home or group home in the Denver area? Will you reach your occupancy in time to be profitable? If this is a new venture for you and are not familiar with marketing, call Karen Owen-Lee; she has been in the industry for over thirty years and has devised a detailed plan for the promotion of small care homes.  Even large companies require professional advice from a consultant for devising a marketing plan with insight to tdadERAhe latest up and coming processes and procedures.

Karen will coordinate with the owner’s desired time, location and funds. Each  site and staff will have varying knowledge and prior experience, which will dictate the program design.


Consultations could cover:

  • Designing printed materials
  • Referral sources to visit
  • Unique residential care options
  • The pros and cons of advertising
  • Budgets
  • Social Media
  • Tours
  • Matching resident needs
  • Follow up by phone – open and closing
  • Inquiry cards
  • Problem solving
  • Writing up the plan
  • How to assign duties
  • Understanding core issues, fears and concerns
  • Family dynamics
  • Overcome objections
  • Times for tours

basket These sessions with Karen will produce a professionally written marketing plan which will result in higher occupancy numbers quickly, in other words, “$$ in your pocket..”  Karen, “The Senior Expert,” is the only professional with this intricate outline for personal care homes or group homes.  She has partially gained her knowledge by founding Housing Options for Seniors, a housing location service that provides a pleasant housing transition for seniors and younger individuals with complex health conditions.

There is no reason to struggle through designing your own marketing plan and risk failure without the help of a professional.  Karen has written the Caring Code: What Boomers Need to Know About Seniors. It offers a step-by-step description of seniors’ needs as they age and assists families in writing a plan for their loved one’s future before a crisis occurs.

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“I cannot thank you enough for your time. It feels good to have someone with your education and experience guiding us through this difficult time.”
~Melanie Morris,

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