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Free Flu Shots at Your House

The race is on to everyone to get a flu shot this year.  For seniors who have difficulty leaving their house due to physical or emotional resections, UberHealth offers a driver and nurse.  The registered nurse administers the vaccine to a maximum of five individuals ranging from children to seniors.

Flu Season Ahead

The senior could have members of their family meet at the senior’s home with refreshment.  Name the party something ‘fun’ so the children are not scared.

Dr. John Brownstein, PhD, Uber advisor in health care, comments, “Every year, the flu affects 20% of the population–but it doesn’t have to.  Every person who receives a flu shot reduces the risk of others getting the flu by 50-60%.  We can all fight this thing together.”

Open your Uber app between 11am and 3pm to order the service.  He shares the following instructions:

  1. Request the ‘Health’ option
  2. You’ll get a free care package and the option to receive the Fluzone® vaccine for up to five people
  3. Pick a comfy spot and a registered nurse from Passport Health will administer the shot and handle all paperwork.

The service is only offered on certain days, so remember ‘patience is a virtue’ as saying goes.  Your flexible schedule will be rewarded with a kit containing a water bottle, tissues, hand sanitizer, totebag, and a lollipop.

Uber offers this innovative service to 35+ cities and expanding it rapidly.  The Center for Disease Control does not estimate the number of seniors that die from the flu.  The senior’s immune system is more susceptible to other complications.  If you have a cold or flu, and must be close to an elder, wear a mask.

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