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Family Recipe Project

You might be out of ideas for gifts for your parents, “He or she has everything and wants nothing.”

This is a gift for everyone in the family and can be handed down for generations.  This is not your boring, run of the mill book that can be purchased from Amazon.

The adventure begins by pawing through your grandmother, mother, or aunt’s recipe box.  Choose the ones that make you smile or want to cry.  The one person in charge will compile the cards, email them out to the participants with a deadline for their funny memories of that dish.

You might want do this every year with different recipes, or do a larger version as a one-time gift.  A copy will bring delight, and joking-around with each other.

Here is a sample of one of my favorite memories:


Christmas Eve

It was a tradition in my family to go to the tree farm on Christmas Eve to cut down our tree.  We took it home to decorate it while Mom made donuts (recipe below in my mother’s handwriting).  We loved to chow down on them that night and then again, Christmas morning, but I remember them as being as hard as hockey pucks by morning.

Mom's Recipe

My nickname was “Pigtails” and trust me even Pigtails from the ages from six to eighteen could not stomach even one hockey puck.


This can be hilarious project for those who participate.  Imagine the look in your parent’s faces, smiles, laughs, and tears of joy.  Have fun!

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