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Purchasing or Leasing Personal Emergency Response Systems

Bernadette lives alone and after a recent fall, the family realized she had no way to contact them or dial 911.  Her daughter started to investigate various emergency alarm products.  In her search, she located a few systems to purchase along with many systems that require a […]

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A Self-Driving Car?

We have all heard the rumbles about the Self-Driving Car. A trial began on September 14, 2016 in Pittsburg as reported by NBC Nightly News, Reuters, The New York Times, and USA Today. The launch of Uber’s self-driving pilot program marks the public unveiling of the company’s secretive […]

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How Is Your Loved One’s Driving?

Are you watching how safely your parents are driving? There comes a time when you may notice dents in the bumper or a scratch down the side of the senior’s car. You must step in before a loved one causes an accident, severe or minor.   When […]

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New: Visiting Pharmacist!

~By Karen Owen-Lee Many seniors have various doctors prescribing medications and there is no one cross-referencing their drugs, doses, and interaction.  Especially if different pharmacies are being utilized at one time.  Now, there is innovative service that Amy Panza, Doctor of Pharmacy has started Med Formation – The first […]

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Living Expenses Comparison Worksheet *PRINT & USE*

Frequently, seniors are scared of how much it will cost when moving to senior housing.  This worksheet will demonstrate the cost advantages of selling their home and transitioning to independent/assisted living or memory care.  It may not persuade a senior to move, but it is one more […]

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Safety Options for Seniors at Home

senior home safety

By Karen Owen-Lee, The Senior Expert A savvy hint to conduct a home safety check of a senior’s home is to hire an Occupational Therapist. Most rehabilitation facilities or home health care agencies will have personnel available to conduct this in-home assessment. The cost for the visit and […]

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Handling Difficult Conversations with Seniors

When you had children, you had to talk to them about the “birds and the bees” – or now it is drugs and social media.  You did it and you survived. But now, you have the opportunity to talk to your parents about sensitive subjects.  You are talking about issues […]

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“I Am Staying In My Home Until I Die!”

~By Karen Owen-Lee, “The Senior Expert” Now, you are in a pickle! Your aging parent has had a change in their condition and you are worried about them living at home. You bring up the subject of moving to independent/assisted living or memory care facility and they come […]

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10 Ways to Persuade Your Loved One to Move a Retirement Community

Many seniors view moving to independent/assisted living and/or memory care as a prime threat to their independence. They may have lost a spouse, friends, ability to drive, or a change in their health – which are all setbacks to their freedom of many years previously. Younger relatives […]

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What Will Your Parents Do When They Need Help?

Start educating yourself and making choices as soon as possible. This research will help reduce your stress and give you the confidence to make an informed decision when the time comes. When a health crisis has happened to a loved one, many baby boomers come to me […]

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