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The Caring Code:
What Boomers Need to Know About Seniors

The Caring Code BookKaren, per her mother’s suggestion, wrote her first book to deal with the fears and anxieties of children with aging parents. “I had a delightful time combining my experience of thirty years. I had been a consultant for 40 retirement homes in 5 states a Senior Real Estate Specialist and the founder of a marketing company. It has always been a learning experience.”

The book details the following:

  • Basic Facts on Aging
  • Financial and Legal Issues
  • Locating Dependable Professional Help
  • Options for Keeping a Loved One Home
  • Strategies for Choosing Housing Placement
  • Handling Emergencies
  • Helping Seniors Adjust to New Surroundings
  • Keeping Your Parent Safe and Comfortable

The Caring Code: What Baby Boomers Need to Know About Seniors is a systematic program to assist you in setting up a proactive plan for the future of your parents. Karen recommends to start educating yourself along with your parents to make critical choices immediately.  Her proven research will instantly reduce your stress and give you optimum tools to make critical decisions.

This book will answer your questions about:

  • What is aging?
  • Types of senior services
  • Caregiving
  • Home health care
  • Important papers to locate
  • The dreaded conversation
  • Financial planning
  • Emergencies
  • Information to gather for 911 personnel
  • Making the move tolerable
  • And much more

What Others Are Saying About The Caring Code

Pick up your copy today of The Caring Code.

Concise, precise, and very valuable. That’s how I describe The Caring Code. Karen Owen-Lee really knows her stuff when it comes to helping adult children plan for the care of their elderly parents.

This book helps to answer the questions of “Do they need help?” and “How to be most helpful.” From simple ideas for gifts for a retiree or parents to the most complex issues of choosing care options, The Caring Code nails the hard and difficult decisions to consider.”

Carol Nuff

Marketing Coach-Offers effective strategies for business owners to get more clients, authors sell books, and job seekers to come in #1

“This quick-to-read book is filled with practical information, checklists, tips, strategies and solid advice. Real-world stuff, not just hypothetical. It is obvious that Karen Owen-Lee is an expert on seniors. I love that it is written in plain English and easy to use. Also, the personal, family pictures at the start of each chapter help it feel more personal and fun. If you have a senior in your life who may need extra help around the house or consider moving into assisted living, this book will be helpful to you.”

Kim Dushinski

“I think this book is a must have for Boomers. It  is a How-To book for life’s big problems: moving, needing a bit of care or a lot of care. Having  been a caregiver for several years, I have wished for a friend to help give me direction and advice. This book feels like that friend. It has good advice with clear directions and even prices for services. Best of all, there are humor and lightness included to help with the serious decisions. The little family album pictures at the start of each chapter is a welcoming state.”



“I cannot thank you enough for your time. It feels good to have someone with your education and experience guiding us through this difficult time.”
~Melanie Morris,

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