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19 Ways to Keep Your Memory Sharp!

A senior couple playing a board game together

Are you worried about keeping your memory sharp? Try a few of these…

  1. Walk faster
  2. Read a book by a new author
  3. Move your TV remote to a new location
  4. Rearrange your desk or kitchen
  5. Learn a few words of sign language
  6. Play a new game
  7. Eat with chopsticks
  8. Vary the way you go to the grocery store
  9. Try antioxidants: blueberries, raspberries, Granny Smith apples
  10. Do a crossword puzzle or a page of sudoku
  11. Make a meal for a neighbor who works full time
  12. Dance to a new type of music
  13. Try taking the bus
  14. Use your non-dominate hand
  15. Arrange a deck of cards by suit
  16. Teach a child how to do a magic trick
  17. Write thank you notes to new people
  18. Watch a TV show that you have never seen before
  19. Alphabetize your books by author

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