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10 Exciting Gifts for Seniors Available Via the Internet

~ By Karen Owen-Lee

Seniors claim when it comes to gifts, “I have everything I need.” In their minds that might be true, however when their face lights up after they open a hand wrapped gift, it warms your heart. Notice, I said a hand wrapped gift. In today’s busy world, we tend to just throw gifts into a decorative gift bag – quick and easy. To a senior, it was a tradition to wrap each gift with shiny paper and a decorative bow. My grandmother would even save the paper for the next year.

Here are some gift ideas that you may purchase over the internet:

  1. pajamgramMatching monogramed pajamas for the entire family. Once dressed, the family can giggle and pose for a delightful portrait. – Price depends on size.
  2. Flashing lanyard to secure keys, but these is surrounded with LED lights. It will be the talk of the town because it will be so different. “Where are my keys?” will never be a problem again. Flashing Panda  -$2.95
  3. A family photo album is always a hit, and can be passed down for generations.       You may compile it by hand or order a hardbound book from Shutterfly -$39.99
  4. In the middle of winter, a bird feeder with suction cups to attach to a window might bring entertainment during the blistery, snowy days. bird feederThis is a great, unusual gift for a senior in an independent, assisted, or memory care community. The only considerations might be filling if it is not on the first floor, and keeping the window clean. -$9.95-$49.95
  5. Consider a family coupon book full of acts of kindness and chores to be redeemed throughout the year. For example, my 93-year-old father just loves a drive in the country and a cup of coffee or an 80-year-old friend’s book included a grandchild to clean her gutters. Think of fun things like an ice cream cone or a ride around their childhood neighborhood. A professionally printed version is available through –starting at $9.95
  6. Businesses hand out inscribed pens every day. Now seniors can handout their own customize ballpoint with their name and phone number to assisted living staff, friends, church members, club members, neighbors, and family members. These are available through many internet outlets including -$.08 depending on quantity.
  7. Birthday_ChronicleThe seniors will be astonished when they receive a copy of a newspaper from the year they were born. “It includes a personal a personal greeting, by name, from the then President of the United Sates, plus newspaper headlines and stories from the recipient’s year of birth,” as quoted from – $6.95.
  8. Most canes are gray and boring; change it up a notch to a leopard, floral or wooden inlayed walking cane. It will be the talk of the town. A friend has the most beautiful turquoise inlayed wooden cane that is commented on everywhere we go. One site to review is –Prices vary depending on style.
  9. Can you imagine a family tree throw on your loved one’s sofa or bed?  Each leaf on the tree is embroidered with a person’s name, which may include great grandparents, grandchildren, siblings, children, aunts, uncles, in-laws, and the list goes on.  I presented a throw to my father with the navy symbol, his name, and his dates for service. He utilizes it as his bedspread and with great pride. One vendor is –Start at around $50.00.
  10. Visualize a custom-made calendar full of family photos. calendarThe snapshots maybe from 50 years ago if the “kinfolk” mixed in with current relations, use your imagination. The key to its usefulness will be size. The larger the better – – $9.99.

A present is a way to show gratitude, respect, and love for the years they cared for you. The greatest gift is not from the internet but from you heart, homemade cookies, a few pages complied and printed on the computer of family stories, escapades, and funny tales or let them be the star attraction at the holiday feast. Use a boa, tiara or crown to celebrate their years of dedication.

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